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Victory at Supreme Court today re: Red Flag Laws & Gun Seizures

05/17/2021 5:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I received the following message from Chuck Michel of Michel & Associates, PC, attorney for and head of the CRPA. 

Jeffrey -- huge news: we just had a massive, unanimous victory at the Supreme Court in the constant fight for our Second Amendment rights.

The non-profit Second Amendment Law Center has been active and playing a critical part of the case Caniglia v. Strom – which (now that we won!) reaffirms that it is generally illegal for law enforcement to enter your home and take your firearms without a warrant. While it might seem obvious, this case had to be fought -– and it had to be won –- because it sets national precedent across every state.

Help us secure even MORE freedom-fighting wins at the Supreme Court!

In states like California who constantly seek to destroy our Second Amendment rights with “red flag” and other bad laws, this case is a CRITICAL one that we had to fight. And with more and more legislators in state houses across the country who want to end your civil rights as we know it, we take these issues to the nation’s highest court to stop them in their tracks.

Better yet, we have even more Second Amendment-affirming cases heading to the Supreme Court that we’re actively involved in, too – cases which will REDEFINE the Second Amendment as universal across EVERY STATE. But only if we have the opportunity to win.

Can you help TODAY to support more cases the non-profit Second Amendment Law Center is fighting – and winning?

With deep-pocketed opponents like Bloomberg, we rely on small-dollar donors who agree that this fight for the Second Amendment is worth it!

Can you chip in anything today? Here's the secure contribution link


-Chuck Michel
President, Second Amendment Law Center

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