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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club and what are its objectives?

SVSC is a private club that sponsors organized rifle and pistol shooting, as well as individual range use. Fostering safe handling and proper care of firearms, and improved marksmanship are priorities. The club promotes training and safety classes geared towards youth and women, as well as traditional events such as the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Santa Cruz Muzzleloaders black powder shoots. 

When and where does the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club meet?

The SVSC meets at Sundeen Hall, 1024 Cayuga St., Santa Cruz, CA on the 4th Tuesday of every other month (January - March - May - July - September - November). Meetings start at 7:30 PM. Email invitations will be sent to all active and probationary members confirming the date, time and location. Check the club's online for the exact dates. 

How can I join the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club?

You must be a member of the National Rifle Association in good standing, be sponsored by a current member of the club, undergo a background check, complete an interview with a member of the membership committee, attend a range safety orientation, attend club meetings and pay dues and an initiation fee.

You may apply ONLY after you have gone to the range with your sponsor.  Once you have visited the range with your sponsor, you can click on the "MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION" or "JOIN US" link on the club's home page for full details on how to join.  You'll need the name of your sponsor, and the date you visited the range, in order to submit your application. If you don't have a sponsor, first ask around...your next door neighbor or a co-worker may be a member or know one. If you can't find one that way, send an email to the club expressing your interest and attend a club meeting to meet existing members. 

Are there any restrictions to joining the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club?

You must be legally eligible to own or purchase firearms in the State of California. If you have been found guilty of misdemeanor violence, theft, or repeated DUI the club may decline to offer membership depending upon the circumstances, even if you meet the California legal requirements to purchase a firearm.  If you are on probation for a misdemeanor or DUI, please wait until you have completed probation to apply for membership.

I'm an applicant in the club.  How do I get to the next step?

We will contact you when you are ready to proceed. You do not need to call or email us to ask if you are ready for the next step.

You can download a flow-chart showing the membership process by clicking here:  Membership Process.pdf
When you apply to join the Club you will receive an email acknowledging your application and informing you of the next steps to becoming a member.

In short, you will have to pass a background check, take and pass a test on the club's range Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), complete an interview with a member of our membership committee, attend a Range Safety Orientation and pay your initiation fee and first year dues.

Range Safety Orientations are held approximately monthly, by invitation only. To be fair to applicants who have been on the waiting list for some time, invitations are based on the date of application, oldest applications first. Members of the same immediate family will be invited to attend their orientations together if possible. Each applicant will be given three opportunities to attend a Range Safety Orientation.  If an applicant skips all three opportunities, and does not notify the board of a valid excuse (illness, travel out of town, etc.), the applicant will be dropped from the application process. The board may use its discretion to waive the Range Safety Orientation requirement for returning members who left the club in good standing.  

How Do I Pay My Dues Online Without A PayPal Account?

Click on this link for instructions on how to pay online without a PayPal Account:

Paying Without PayPal.pdf

What activities count for Probationary Credit?

There are many ways to earn Probationary Credits.  Please note, however:  Only current Probationary Members can accrue Probationary Credits.  If you have not yet gone through Range Safety Orientation (i.e., you do not have a Probationary Member's badge and a gate card key), then you are not a Probationary Member - you are an Applicant.  The activities listed below WILL NOT COUNT for Probationary Credit if you are still in the Application stage.

Probationary Members need three Probationary Credits to become Full Club Members.  The probationary period expires nine months from the date of your Range Safety Orientation.

Here is a list of Club Activities for which we award Probationary Credit.  We will update this list as functions are added or subtracted:

  • Joining in at a Club Work Party (announced via email from time to time)
  • Shooting with an established Club member, a Board member, a Range Safety Officer, or with your Sponsor
  • Attending the Silent Night Air Rifle & Pistol shoot, the first Wednesday night of every month
  • Volunteering to help in Club Events or Club sponsored events, such as Range Safety Orientation, Youth Rifle & Archery matches, and California Marksmanship Program events
  • Attending In-Person Member's Meetings (one Probationary Credit per meeting), or a Virtual Meeting (only the first Virtual Meeting counts for Probationary Credit)
  • Shooting with an Affiliated SVSC Group, such as the Santa Cruz Muzzleloaders, or Action Pistol
  • Attending Holster Certification class

I am a former member of the Club. How do I become a member again?

The process to become a member again varies depending upon how long ago you were a member. This is because our rules, safety procedures and membership requirements may have changed over time, and we want to be sure you are up to date and currently qualify for membership.  Here are the requirements based upon how long ago you were an active member. 

 When did you leave the club?  Requirements to rejoin
Less than 2 years ago Be an NRA member, submit to a background check, take our SOP (range rules) test, complete an interview with a member of our Membership Committee, and pay your dues for the current year plus $20 for a new badge and key card. 
More than 2 years, less than 5 years Be an NRA member, submit to a background check, take our SOP (range rules) test, complete an interview with a member of our Membership Committee, attend a New Member Range Safety Orientation and pay your dues for the current year plus $20 for a new badge and key card. 
More than 5 years ago Apply as a new member. Fill out the application form on our website, be an NRA member, submit to a background check, take our SOP (range rules) test, complete an interview with a member of our Membership Committee, attend a New Member Range Safety Orientation, pay dues for current year plus initiation fee, and complete 3 probation activities within 9 months.

My gate key doesn't work / Is my key active / What is my membership status? 

In most cases you can quickly find this information yourself on the club's website. 

  1. Log in to the club's website using the username and password that were set up for you when you joined or applied for membership.
  2. On the home page, find your name near the top of the page, to the right of center. Click on your name to open your profile. 
  3. There will be a list of data fields. Look for the field labeled "Membership status".  This should say "Active".  If it doesn't, please check the items below before calling or emailing the club secretary.
  • Scroll down to the field labeled "Card Key Status".  If it says "Active" your key should work. If it says "Active" and still doesn't work, email the club secretary at:
  • If Card Key Status says "Locked", then check the following items on your profile. 
    1. NRA Expiration Date:  If your NRA has expired, please renew it and send the club secretary a copy of the new credentials or NRA magazine label with the new date. If you have already renewed it, be sure you have given the new date to the club secretary. 
    2. Liability waiver on file / New Liability Waiver on File:  We need to have a signed liability waiver form on file for you. New members must use the new form, but existing members who have signed the old form do not need to update to a new form. If we do not have one of these forms on file for you, contact the club secretary for a form to fill out and sign. 
    3. Have you paid your dues?  If your dues haven't been paid within 60 days of the due date, your "Membership status" will be either "Suspended" or "Lapsed".  Contact the club treasurer at to arrange for payment or dispute a charge. 

How can I join the NRA?

There is a link on the homepage of this website which will take you to the NRA's recruiting website. This website will explain all the requirements and costs, and you can join online from there.  When you join the NRA or renew your membership using the link on our website, you get a discount on NRA dues and the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's club receives a commission which we use to help operate the range. Current prices as of June 10, 2020 to join or renew membership in the NRA on our website are:

One Year Membership $35
Three Year Membership $85
Five Year Membership       $100
Life Membership    $1,000

How do I get a copy of my NRA membership Card?

On the Home Page of our website click on the link labeled "Need a copy of your NRA Membership Card? Login HERE."  You will need your NRA membership number and need to establish an online account with the NRA to complete this.  Once you have logged in there is a box on their Online Member Services Page called "Manage Your Membership".  At the bottom of this box is a link to print a copy of your membership card.  

Why does the club require me to send in a picture of my NRA membership card?

As an NRA affiliated club, we verify every member's current membership credentials.  This is important, because the NRA offers significant grants for range construction and maintenance for clubs that maintain 100% NRA membership. This can be accomplished by sending us a picture of your NRA membership card or the mailing label from an NRA publication like the American Rifleman, which shows your membership number and expiration date.  All smart phones can take a suitable picture of your NRA card or label...just be sure the card fills most of the screen when you take the picture, or you can use a scanner.  Alternatively, you can send us a paper copy if it's clear and readable.  If you have a multi-year membership we do not need to verify your card every year.  Please notify us when you renew your NRA membership, as the NRA does not notify us.  

Do I have to be a club member to use the club's range?

Only members and their accompanied guests may use the range.  All guests must be accompanied by the hosting member. The range is also used by the Scotts Valley Police Department for firearms training and qualification. Members are not allowed to "loan" their electronic range key to anyone else.

Are there any limitations on what type of firearms I can shoot at the club's range?

Yes.  Only those weapons which may be legally owned and used by individuals in the State of California may be used.  Specifically, 50 caliber BMG weapons and weapons firing ammunition derived from the 50 BMG cartridge may not be used on the range.  Fully automatic weapons (i.e., machine guns) are also not allowed for member use, but may be used by the Scotts Valley Police Department during official training exercises when the range is closed to the general membership.  No explosive devices, rocket launchers, exploding targets, tracers etc. are allowed on the range. We are in a forest, and don't want anything that is likely to ricochet and cause a forest fire.

There are also limitations to the use of shotguns on the range. Please see our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for details. Note, shotguns firing slugs instead of shot are considered to be rifles under club rules.

How to get another Yahoo email address and link it to your main Yahoo email account

Because our club software requires each member to have a unique email address, some members who have been sharing an email address with another family member who is also a club member, some members will need to obtain a new email address.  Here's how to do this with Yahoo email: 
  • Open the Yahoo webmail page in your browser
  • In the upper right hand corner click on the small gear-shaped icon that is for SETTINGS
  • A menu will open on your screen.  Select “Accounts”
  • Several options will appear, including “Extra Email Address”
  • Click on “create address” and follow the instructions.  

How to share an email address when using Gmail

Because our club software requires each member to have a unique email address, some members who have been sharing an email address with another family member who is also a club member will have to use a different email address.  Here's how to create additional Gmail addresses that all go to the same address on your computer.  Suppose your email address is  You need an email address for your son Ed, but you want the messages to come to you.  Simply add +Ed to the email address so it looks like this:  Our club's software will see this as a different address, but Gmail will see it as the same address because Gmail ignores everything between the + and @ symbols.  You can create filters in Gmail to sort email addressed this way into different folders when it arrives, if you want.  This trick may work with other email providers, but does not work with Yahoo, Hotmail, email and various others.

How do I get a password for access to the club's website?  I can't access the club's website?
While anyone can visit the Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club website, there are a couple of sections that are available only to members.  Only members can log in and update their membership profile, and there is a section for members-only discussion and announcements.  New members and applicants can obtain their password by:
  1. Click on the login button at the top of the home page (just right of center).  
  2. You will see a login screen and on that screen there is a clickable link labeled "Forgot Password".  If you click on this link, it will give you instructions on how to get a new temporary password which will be emailed to you.  Note that this will not work until your membership application has been reviewed and accepted by a club officer. 
  3. Once you have this temporary password you can log in using your email address and the password sent to you, and then go to modify your profile (home page, green box) to set a password more to your liking.  You are encouraged to use a secure password with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.  
If you still have trouble obtaining a password, you can email and he can send you a temporary password via email.  

I want to pay my annual dues with a credit card.  How can I do that and how does the Club keep my credit card information secure.  

The Club uses PayPal to process all of our credit card transactions.   When you click on the link on an invoice sent to you by the club, or if you go to your profile to open an invoice and pay online, you will be taken from the Club's website to a secure PayPal site.  The Club never sees and has no record of your credit card information.  All necessary information is kept instead by PayPal.  This means that no hacker or cyber thief can access your credit card data from the Club's website, because we don't have it.  

To pay your annual dues with a credit card, you have a couple of choices.  

  1. If the club emailed you an invoice, you can click on the link on the email, and it will take you to the PayPal site.  On this site you will be given your choice to use PayPal's service (in big letters, it's their site) or a credit card (in smaller letters, look to lower right side of the payment option page).  Follow the online instructions and enter your credit card information.  Note that when you do this, PayPal automatically sends us notice that you have paid, and your record in our database is automatically updated to show your dues as paid.  
  2. On the home page of this website you can open your profile.  It will tell you if you have any outstanding financial obligations to the club and give you a link to pay them electronically.  
  3. We cannot take credit card information by telephone or in the mail.  

How much does it cost to become a member? Do I have to pay a full year's dues if I join mid-year?
The amount of dues you have to pay when joining depends upon which month of the year you become a probationary member.  In addition, new members must pay an Application Fee (effective 1/1/2022) when they apply for membership, and an Initiation Fee ($50 for those who paid the $50 application fee, $100 for those that did not pay the $50 application fee) when they become a probationary member.
Orientation Month   Application Fee
Initiation Fee Dues Collected 
 January  $50  $50 $  125
 February $50
 $50  $  120
 March $50
 $50  $  105
 April $50
 $50  $    95
 May $50
 $50  $    80
 June $50
 $50  $    70
 July $50
 $50  $    60
 August $50
 $50  $    55
 September $50
 $50  $    45
 October $50
 $50  $175 (incl. following year dues)
 November $50
 $50  $175 (incl. following year dues)
 December $50
 $50  $175 (incl. following year dues)
The Application and Initiation fees include the cost of an online background investigation and also reflect the time and effort expended by club officers and the membership committee in organizing the entire on-boarding process for new members including interviews, range safety orientation classes, creating new member credentials and tracking meeting / club service attendance by probationary members. This fee goes to the club treasury, but we believe it should reflect the value of the time volunteered to manage the process. 

The dues pro-rating is intended to be fairer to those members who join late in the year instead of charging a whole year of dues for members who join mid-year. Members who attend their Range Safety Orientation in October, November or December are also charged for the following year dues and will not have to renew their membership almost immediately after joining. 

Marijuana - What's The Latest for Gun Owners?

It is against Club rules to use alcohol or drugs (illegal, over the counter, or prescription) that can impair your judgement, awareness, or ability to properly handle your firearms at the range. While California allows the use of medical and recreational marijuana, the Federal Government still considers marijuana to be an illegal drug. 

The following is extracted from the latest Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms FFL Newsletter for Federal Firearms Licensees. It covers the current position of the ATF regarding marijuana (NO) and also use of hemp-based products such as CBD oil (YES) with very low levels of THC. Be careful filling out ATF Form 4473 when purchasing a firearm or ammunition.

Medical Marijuana and CBD Products - FFL Newsletter dated June, 2021

It is unlawful for any person “who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled ship or transport in interstate or foreign commerce, or possess in or affecting commerce, any firearm or ammunition; or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(3). Marijuana is listed in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as a Schedule I controlled substance. See21 U.S.C. § 812Possession of marijuana, including medical marijuana, is a violation of Federal law, regardless of State law/patient cardholder status. See21 U.S.C. § 844.

ATF’s September 21, 2011,Open Letter to all FFLs states in part:

“[A]ny person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition. Such persons should answer “yes” to question 11.e. on ATF Form 4473 (August 2008), Firearms Transaction Record, and you may not transfer firearms or ammunition to them. Further, if you are aware that the potential transferee is in possession of a card authorizing the possession and use of marijuana under State law, then you have “reasonable cause to believe” that the person is an unlawful user of a controlled substance. As such, you may not transfer firearms or ammunition to the person, even if the person answered “no” to question 11.e. on ATF Form 4473.”

In 2018, Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act, Pub. L. 115-334, 132 Stat. 4490. The Act amended the term “Marijuana” under the CSA to exclude “hemp.” 21 U.S.C. § 802(16)(A). The term “hemp” is defined as “the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts,  cannabinoids, isomers, acids, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” 7 U.S.C. § 1639o(1). The Act also amended Schedule I(c)(17)of the CSA to exclude from the definition of “Tetrahydrocannabinols” (THC) the “tetrahydrocannabinols in hemp (as defined under section 1639o of Title 7).” See21 U.S.C. § 812(c), Schedule I(c)(17). Thus, Cannabis sativa L. and products derived from Cannabis sativa L., which have a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or less on a dry weight basis, are no longer considered a

controlled substance under the CSA.

Products purporting to contain a THC concentration less than the prohibited amount are often marketed as “CBD” products, such as CBD oils, edibles, and capsules. Because of the 2018 amendments to the CSA, users of products that have a THC concentration “not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis” are not prohibited from purchasing firearms or ammunition under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(3).

It is unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of a firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance as defined in the Controlled Substances Act. See18 U.S.C. § 922(d)(3). The fact a person legally uses a product with a THC concentration less than the prohibited amount does not alone establish a reasonable cause to believe the person is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substanceHowever, marijuana, as that term is defined by the CSA, remains a controlled substance and a licensee who knows or has reasonable cause to believe a person is an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana is prohibited from selling or otherwise disposing a firearm or ammunition to that person. Please contact the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) if you have further questions whether any drug or substance (e.g., hemp derivative) is a “controlled substance” under 21 U.S.C. 802(6).

(The ATF Form 4473 has been revised since the 2011 open letter; the unlawful user question is now under 21.e.of ATF Form 4473 (May 2020.)


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