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Range is open. Power has been restored.

  • 02/04/2023
  • 11:30 AM
  • 03/18/2023

Due to the recent storms, our ability to generate electricity
has been impacted. 

Storm clouds reduced our solar electric production in a big way.
This resulted in increased propane use as our backup generator
 was making up for the reduced solar production.

Increased propane use resulted in a close to empty propane level, 
necessitating shutting down the system. 

A landslide on Green Hills Road resulted in our access road being blocked. 
This means no propane delivery. In addition the massive amount of rain has
washed out the hilly part of the access road. This will have to be repaired so
the propane delivery truck can get up the hill.

Currently there is no estimate on when the Green Hills Road landslide will be cleared. Hyper saturation of the soil around the landslide area makes time estimates difficult if not impossible.

We'll all have to exercise some patience.

The range remains open, bringing a flashlight is a good idea.

David Giannini

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