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New City Garbage Ordinance

12/31/2021 7:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Effective January 1st we cannot put organic waste in our dumpster. This includes stuff like raked up redwood needles, branches, logs, weeds, grass clippings, and also food scraps. We will establish a compost pile for the needles, cones, brush, etc. that we collect.

Food scraps should be bagged and taken home for disposal in your home garbage.

The dumpster should be reserved for waste cardboard target backers, broken target stands, used targets, ammo boxes and plastic separators, soiled paper towels and hand/bench wipes, empty soap bottles or sprayers, steel or aluminum cartridge cases, shotgun shells, broken metal or plastic items/equipment, etc. 

The alternative to these changes is for the club to spend $200/month to get an organic waste dumpster, and then police and sort what goes in each dumpster.

It's your range...keep it clean AND don't cost us all a bunch of money in fines for careless disposal.


  • 01/02/2022 7:40 AM | Anonymous
    Thanks for the update!

    Perhaps this is a good time to evaluate a recycling program. The following items are not appropriate to send to the landfill either:

    Cardboard target backers
    Broken target stands
    Used paper targets
    Cardboard ammo boxes
    Soiled paper towels

    Hate to add to the clubs expenses and I do think this is a responsibility we need to address.
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